I Came Across the Best Kite Shop in Ahmedabad


“Sahab main aapko yahank ki sab se achchi patang ki dukan pe le chalta hoon,” the rickshaw driver merrily informed me in Hindi liberally touched with Gujarati accent. He was smiling away and looked at me in the mirror to gauge my reaction.

“I know,” thus I have asked you, I replied, because, rickshaw drivers are most likely the first and foremost contact for the tourist. Then I added, I am from Mumbai and I have specially come to this city to celebrate this wonderful festival, my answer pleased him as I knew it would.

We arrived and he stops his auto on the other side of the road and point out his finger towards a crowd and said “Yahin hain sahab who famous dukahn, yahan aapko har tarike ka patang aur manja mil jayenge. Then he also introduced me to the area as the heart of the city, Vatrapur.

I paid him the auto fair and stepped towards the shop. When I finally reached to the shop I was completely amazed with the variety of innovative and interesting kites and I quickly got my answer why people are getting clicked with this shop “….. ”

Babla Traders



While making purchase of kites I started conversation with the owner– Parag Patel I got to know that he has established his business almost 40 years ago, in 1975 and he proudly introduced his shop as one of the popular and reputed kite shop in the city.

As there were hundreds of varieties, so I become curious to know more about so I asked him further about the customer’s preferences on making purchases of different kinds kites and spools. He humbly educates me saying, we have so many varieties available in kites, with photos of actors Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor,chota bhim and M.S Dhoni to the floating lanterns which are for a one-time use, there is no dearth when it comes to variety. Nowadays, rockets, airplanes and eagles are most popular among kids.

These kite ranges from Rs 2 to Rs 450 depending on the size and the design. A special candle kite, which has Chinese lights attached to it is a most kids’ favourite,” said (your dad’s name). Kites which have recent movies posters and cartoons printed on them are also in demand. “The biggest kite worth Rs 450 is shaped as an airplane and is 6 ft X 8 ft. We also have butterfly kites which are popular among little girls.”


Also introduced me with different kite strings, cotton twines costing is just `RS 50 while the glass coated manjha can cost as much as `RS 2,500. The length can go up to 5000 meters!


However, the prices are no deterrent and we get plenty of customers with their customize manjha demand, Parag Patel elaborates.

In the middle of a conversation he paused and asked me that you not an Amdavadi (Term used for Ahmedabad people)? Right! I said, yes, I am not.

Then he took out his phone out of the pocket and started using it. I wonder what he is doing on sudden but, then the very next moment he handed over his phone in my hand. He surprised me with one more thing saying he has his own online kite store – “Babla Kites”

Babla Kites

He said to fulfill the kites lover’s Uttarayan craze we have launched our own online kite store, few weeks ago.

But to understand his purpose I asked, why anyone would buy kites from an online store when they’re available in each and every corner.

Apart from the usual range of kites, I’m selling some unique design of kites which are rather difficult to find in the local shops or out of the Gujarat. With such an extensive range, I’m sure to attract the kite lovers around the world, he answers.

Moving forward, he said, Babla Kites” is a one stop kite shop for all kite lovers and with a few clicks, you will receive your order right at your door step.

I was like completely amazed and Just like other city people I was completely convinced that why this use the “best” for Babla Kite shop/store (it would not be wrong to term) in Ahmadabad.

And yes, just like other city people I also bought lots of kites, spools and other relevant accessories from the shop. While going back to home; I thought to write down a blog to inform my readers about this unique shop and their online store “Babla Kites”

So, this Uttarayan if you are not able to make it happen to Ahmedabad still, no worries, wherever you are around the world you can buy kites and spool at your door step with just a few clicks from “Babla Kites”. So, now you don’t need to go out and put an extra effort to search for kite shop, you very well know your next destination, right?

Happy Uttarayan!!!!

  2 comments for “I Came Across the Best Kite Shop in Ahmedabad

  1. March 26, 2016 at 11:57 pm

    I found Babla Kites, thanks to Google. Firstly I would like to thank Mr. Parag Patel for coming up with such a fine idea of having a decent Kite Online Store in India. He has basically put India on the online kite market like no other portal so far. I am keen on purchases from his collection and I am glad he is interested in both domestic and international purchases. Looking forward to a long term relation with Babla Kites.

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