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We manufacture a variety of kites and kite thread/manja since the last 40+ years. If you are looking to partner with us or need kites or Manja in wholesale within India or Abroad,

We will consider orders above 500 kites and 200 Manja Spool as Wholesale/Bulk. Therefore, a minimum order quantity for Bulk Orders is 1000 Kites or 200 Manja Spool. We do not entertain any bulk request below MOQ.

Note:- Do not call for Nylon thread/Mono Kites/Chinese manja (Nylon thread used for kite-flying to be banned, Delhi govt tells HC)- BablaKites.com/Babla Traders do not support Nylon thread/Mono Kites. If we get any call for Nylon thread/Mono Kites/Chinese manja we will direct forward the phone no.to local Police

Proof Link:- https://www.hindustantimes.com/delhi-news/nylon-thread-used-for-kite-flying-to-be-banned-delhi-govt-tells-hc/story-ZTU9D7zwN6hiSoqv8yZXiL.html

Bablakites.com Team

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