Traditional Indian Kites & Manja Online Store

We manufacture a variety of kites and kite thread/manja since the last 40+ years. If you are looking to partner with us or need kites or Manja in wholesale within India or Abroad, reach us now at- or call- 9925034141

We will consider orders above 500 kites and 200 Manja Spool as Wholesale/Bulk. Therefore, a minimum order quantity for Bulk Orders is 1000 Kites or 200 Manja Spool. We do not entertain any bulk request below MOQ.

Note:- Do not call for Nylon thread/Mono Kites/Chinese manja (Nylon thread used for kite-flying to be banned, Delhi govt tells HC)- Traders do not support Nylon thread/Mono Kites. If we get any call for Nylon thread/Mono Kites/Chinese manja we will direct forward the phone local Police

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