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Imagine, what if I tell you that you can showcase your brand to over 1000 people (on an average) within a day, at a cost of rupees XYZ INR only? And what if you have got a budget of over 50,000 INR? In this case, you can make your brand visible to 1000*50,000= 50000000 people in just one day.

I mean 50,00,0000 people (on an average) in just one day and that too at a cost of just rupees 50,000 INR. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it what you have been missing for a long or you were deprived of? May be someone did not want you to focus on this or may be you never pondered over this sort of marketing, because you were busy flying kites during that period.

Oh Yes! I am talking about Uttarayan and Branding on Kites.

On an average, a kite reaches over 1000 people per day during uttarayn before getting torn or damaged, or getting stuck on a tree or electricity wires.

How about your company logo with details reaching 1000 people in a day in the form of kite? And how about getting/buying kites online, without any hassle to travel here and there at stores?

We at Babla Kites have been doing it for many, and now we wish to create awareness amongst many out there who were deprived of this amazing medium of marketing and branding. You can buy Kites and Manja online here at at affordable rates. Buy Kites (Indian Kites/Patang) for branding purpose at amazing sale like prices with us.

Babla Kites Sample Work:

Kites for Advertisement & Branding 1

Kites for Advertisement & Branding 2Kites for Advertisement & Branding 3



Branding on kites is one of the most affordable marketing tactic you can use to market your business and make it visible to innumerable people. You can use branding on kites if you have:

• A product based company
• A product to sell. For example- Clothing, Jewellery, Accessories, anything!
• A service based company, be it city based, country based, or international

You can use kites for branding and marketing for all types and kinds of businesses. Who knows if your branded kite reaches a really potential customer on a random windy day!

(Note- We use best quality paper and other auxiliary materials and quality driven graphic designing)

Ask for Quick Estimate!-

Interested in marketing your brand or service via kites? Buy Kites Online! Get a quick estimate over call or email:
Call/WhatsApp– +919925034141

(Note- All transactions and deals done with Babla Kites are Subject to Ahmedabad Judiciary and are to be Handled according to Ahmedabad Jurisdiction Rules, Regulations, and Laws)

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