2 Reel Kite Flying Thread / Manja

2 Reel Kite Flying Thread / Manja

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9 Cord Art-H 4218 Manjha (2 reel) Made by Bareli Experts (6 Time Coated Manjha) + Free Shipping

  • Super Stronge Manjha in 9 Cord
  • Made by Bareli experts and professionals
  • 6 Time Coated Manjha
  • 2 reel = Approx. 2000 meter
  • Special Edition by Babla Kites
  • 100% Cotton Thread
  • Best Manjha for Kite Competition
  • Free Shipping in India
  • 40+ Years of Experience in Manjha Manufacturing
1,299.00 13% Off
Best Seller

Original Adnan Ali 24 Carat Article – Tilismi Manjha 9 Cord (3 Reel) Extra Strong Kite Thread Cutting Manjha + Free Shipping

  • Strongest Manjha Ever in 9 Cord Tilismi Manjha by Adnan Ali bareilly
  • Special Edition by Babla Kites
  • 100% Cotton Thread
  • Best Manjha for Kite Competition
  • Vardhaman Panda Gold 9 Cord 2.5 Reel
  • 3 Reel
  • Made by Bareli expert Adnan Ali
  • Free Shipping in India
  • 40+ Years of Experience in Manjha Manufacturing
2,200.00 15% Off

Order 2 Reel Manja Online

Buy 2 reel manja online on Babla Kites. We have variety of 2 reel manja such as 9 Cord Panda No. 5 Maidani Manjha With Acrylic Spool; Panda Gold 6 Cord Manjha; Panda Gold 6 Cord Manjha, 12 cord manjha and many more. Just explore our special 2 reel manja online and order right away.

Buy 2 Reel Manja Online

2 reel manja is made of 2 reels of original white cotton kite flying thread of top brand Coats. Usually, 1 reel is 800 yard long, and therefore, when we use 2 reels to produce manja, it is about 1600 yard long kite thread. Coats often have these reels in the units of meter whereas the other top brand Vardhman offers cotton thread in the units of gram, i.e. 250 gm or 500 gm.

Note:- Note: The size of 1 reel manja varies from state to state. For example, 1 reel manja manufactured in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh may equal to 300 yards, whereas the 1 reel manja manufactured in Gujarat may equal to 800 yards. Babla Kites has defined its own unique sizes for its various manjas.

Any manja that is measured in the units of yard is usually made of Coats white cotton reels. If it is made using one reel, it is called 1 reel manja, and if it is made using 2 reels, it is called 2 reel manja. As we have over 4 decades of experience in kites business, we exactly know what original white cotton thread is. Therefore, the 2 reel manja that you get here is hardly available in the market.

Do not miss to avail our rich experience of 40 years. Our in-house manja production unit houses the best manja makers of the country who have developed unique technique to produce world-class manja that is most wanted even in international market at the most affordable rates. We use some of our customized secret ingredients to produce super sharp and strongest manja that can even cut the plastic thread.

Do not look anywhere else now. Just straightaway order your 2 reel manja on Babla Kites.

Frequently Asked Questions about 2 Reel Manja

What is 2 reel manja?

2 reel manja is a kite thread which is made of 2 reels of cotton white thread. Usually, these reels are of top brand Coats and approximately 800 yard long. So, when we use 2 reels of white cotton thread to produce manja, our description of that manja thread reads like: about 1600 yard.

What is the best manja in the world?

The best manja in the world is the one that is produced in the production house of Babla Kites! Yes, our expert manja makers have developed special technique to produce the sharpest and the strongest manja of the world! We use 100% white cotton thread and some special ingredients to produce world-class manja.

Does Babla Kites offer free shipping in India?

Yes. We do. We offer free shipping in India. If you want to order your manja from the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong or in any part of the world on Babla Kites, WhatsApp us on: +91-8320033403

What is so special about Babla Kites 2 reel manja?

Well, everything is special about 2 reel manja that is available on Babla Kites. But, the best thing about our 2 reel manja is that it is made of 100% original cotton threads of premium brand Coats. No one in the market uses pure and original cotton thread as it is expensive. Our experience and skills allow us to produce manja from the highest quality cotton threads of premium brands and also to keep it at the most affordable rates.

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