Winter’s Up| Its Kite Flying Time! (Remember: Safety First)

Winters have set in and everybody is looking forward to gorging on steaming hot, yummy food. But, food is not the only thing that comes to mind when speaking of winters. It is something more exciting and fun. Yes you guessed it right. It is time for some kite flying. Winters is the time when you enjoy flying kites all day long.

Also it goes without saying that people wait eagerly for Uttarayan – the festival of kite flying. Everyone can be seen flying kites on the terrace of their houses and buildings.

Babla Kites
(Image Source: Telegraph dot co dot uk)


A lot of festivity surrounds kite flying however if proper care and precaution while flying kites is not taken care of, the festivities can result in fatal accidents.

Small children flying kites alone, without any parent or an adult monitoring them, are at huge risk of falling from the terrace. So children shall never be left alone flying kites on the rooftops.

Also if the manjha used is made of glass, there are high chances of you getting cut or injuring your hands. So always wear tapes around your fingers.


Not to forget that as you fly kite, you are exposed to Sun directly, so to avoid skin damage, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen, sunglasses and cap.

It is thus always advisable to consider all safety measures before getting engrossed in the festivities.

Wishing You a Safe Yet Amusing Kite Flying Day!

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